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New for 2013 Gel Polish only £15!

A gel polish is applied using a UV lamp and can last up to 2 weeks.  Removal is then done by soaking off the gel.  
Removal normally costs £5 if having another treatment or £10 if not.  But until the end of January, removal of gel polish & new gel polish for only £15!  

Gel Polish Mani       £15
Gel Polish Pedi        £20
Removal                   £10 or £5 if having another treatment.



Manicure         £15

File, soak hands, cuticle care, oil nails, light hand massage, polish.  (Buff nails if required)

Mini Mani         £8

Remove polish, file nails, re-polish

Pedicure         £20

Foot soak, cuticle care, file, oil nails, moisturizing foot massage, and polish.

Mini Pedi         £10

Remove polish, file or clip nails, re-polish

With French Polish add £2.50 to any of the above treatments.

Tip with Acrylic overlay

Choice of Natural or French   £30

Individual nail                      £4

In-fills                                      £18

Every two - three weeks the product on your nail will move forward as your nail grows.  To maintain your enhancements you will need this gap to be "filled in" to look like new.

Tip with Fibreglass overlay

Choice of Natural or French   £30

Individual nail                      £4

In-fills                                £18

Wraps                                      £30

A treatment for weak nails prone to breaking.  This is also excellent if you have had Tips with overlays and you want to keep the new length of your own natural nail.  Wraps are made from Fibreglass, or Silk and are placed on your nail without buffing.  Resin is then used to seal the strips and protect your natural nail. 

Price includes soaking off of original Overlays.     

Tips with Gel Overlay

Full Set                            £30

In-fills                             £18

Choice of natural or french.

Glitter mix & crushed shell available, contact for more information.




Available for younger girls:

Mini Mani £5 
Mini Luxury Mani £10 
Mini Pedi  £5 
Mini Luxury Pedi £10 

Some products do contain Ground nut, Almond and Rice Bran Oil

All prices are subject to change