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After Care

Nail Enhancements.

  • Always use rubber gloves when washing up or cleaning.

  • Try not to soak nails in water (e.g. when having a bath).

  • Do not use you nails as tools (e.g. to open cans).

  • If you see any "lifting" do not pick at the enhancement as this may cause damage to your nail.

  • If you want to remove them, then use Acetone until they soak off.  (Unless you are wearing Gel & these must be removed professionally) Follow by using plenty of cuticle oil.

  • Remember you have to change the way you use your hands.  Do not use the tips of your fingers, use the pads.

  • After about 2-3 weeks, you will need "in-fills".  As your nails grows forward the product on your nail will also grow forward, leaving you with a gap.  This gap will then be filled in with new product.